''Cat's eye''
''Cat's eye''
''Cat's eye''
''Cat's eye''
''Cat's eye''

''Cat's eye''

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The 'Cat's eye'' is a medium sized nessmuk. It is in between a full size hunting knife and an EDC blade. Perfect for prepping food around the camp fire or any task involved in hunting with a greatly reduced weight...

- Dimensions: OAL 215 mm, 32 mm, 4, 5 mm. Blade: 95 mm

- Weight: 142 gram, 241 gram with the sheath.
- Steel: N690 stainless steel, heat treated by me to 63 Hrc with liquid nitrogen.
- Stabilized maple wood from Alexander Boychenko.
- Carbon fiber pins.
- Tapered tang to save weight. Blue G10 liners.
- Matching para cord bead.
- Sharpening angle is 19 degrees. The edge is mirror polished.
- Brown leather sheath for horizontal belt carry.