''Shogi'' 2x72 belt grinders

''Shogi'' 2x72 VERTICAL/HORIZONTAL belt grinder

Our belt grinder is made for continuous, heavy duty work. The chassis is made out of 8 mm laser cut steel, the wheels are CNC machined and fitted with quality high speed bearings. The machine comes with a 1 or 2 hp 3 phase motor, by customers choice.The ergonomics ensure easy and safe work.

Each belt grinder is delivered as standard with:
- Tilting assist mechanism
- 1 or 2 hp 3 phase motor made in Bulgaria
- Standard articulated work rest
- Mechanical belt tensioning system
- Flat platen attachment with aluminum heat sink

- Variable frequency drive and control panel
- Rubberized contact wheels in different sizes: from 10 mm up to 300 mm
- Customized work rests
- Belt grinder stand